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The Diplomatic Bag
Wymsey's transmutation into a Micro-state necessitates our involvement in diplomacy which is whole new game for us, citizens of Wymsey are not renowned for their diplomacy nor do we have the resources to maintain a full diplomatic service but we do have friends all over the place. It is to these friends that we are turning to assist us and we are at this moment looking for, and appointing, ambassadors all over the world. If you think that you have what it takes (not a lot) to be an ambassador for Wymsey contact us and we will see what we can do. Wymsey Ambassadors have a lot of leeway as to their duties and are provided with a diplomatic email address, a badge of office (useful for avoiding parking offenses) and a direct line to Wymsey at the highest level. We have representation in Latin America (excluding the Caribbean Islands), South America, all Extraterrestrials, the Windward Islands, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Dogs. Recently appointed: Alaska and the Arctic Circle excluding Scandinavia, the Vatican.

banana Floating Ambassadors For England
The State Council has announced that it had solved the problem of representation in England. The Council stated that PJ & JM (picture left - JM is camera shy) would be Wymsey's ambassadorial team in England, a task for which the Chronicle offers deepest sympathy. pj Due to the depressing nature of this task PJ & JM have decided that their Embassy will be a canal narrow boat. "All the better to reach the long suffering people of England, buy them pints and offer them dreams of freedom and we won't have to stay in one place for too long," said PJ when the Chronicle spoke to him this week.

Contact the English Embassy:

English Embassy

banana New World Ambassador
The Council has appointed of Ms Irene De Mandible as Wymsey's Ambassador to Latin America (excluding the Caribbean islands), South America and all Extraterrestrials. Ambassidor De Mandible Her services will be available to all Wymsey travellers in those regions and she will be happy to negotiate with Wymsey on the behalf of natives. Of her appointment, Ambassador De Mandible commented, "Wow! I will try to do my best to be a good ambassador for Wymsey."

Irene De Mandible is famous for her explorations of the physical world, the intangibles and endless philosophical avenues, she is also a recognised canine portrait artist. You can learn more about her activities at Irene's Homepage.

Ambassador De Mandible can be contacted at

banana Arctic Ambassador Appointed
Ken Kassava Saskata is Ambassador to Alaska and the Arctic Circle Excluding Scandinavia.
Artic Ambassador Mr Saskata's association with Wymsey goes back a long way and although a very busy man in his community assures us that he will find time to represent the needs of Wymsey in the far north. "Ya man, I can't always be fishing and running away from polar bears besides which the evenings are long up here," he told us. Mr Saskata runs the family fish freezing business on the outskirts of Anchorage, Alaska.

Contact Ken:





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