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Welcome to the website
This is your entry point to the governance of the Micro-state of Wymsey. Please use the menu to your left where we have divided everything into sections for your convenience. Below you will find information on recent decisions, white papers, brawls, international incidents involving Wymsey and recent errors of judgement.

banana Wym Rises
The year 2000 ended with a rally of the Euro with has resulted in a ten per cent rise in the Wym against the Pound Sterling vindicating the State Council's decision at independence to tie the Wym to the Euro.

Wym rises. Forecasters predict that this rise will continue during the first quarter of the new millennium, flattening out over Easter and remaining stable during the remainder of the year. This is good news for those Canadians who during December moved their funds into Wyms.

banana Vatican Covered
Miss Rosalie Mclain has graciously accepted the Council's invitation to become Wymsey's Ambassador to the Vatican. This does not include the Brassica of St. Duvet due to the Papal Bull of 1734.

Rosalie The pious Miss Mclain is renowned in her diocese for her service to good causes, only this year she addressed and licked over 600 Christmas cards for her bishop. Of her appointment, Miss McClain said, "I am honoured to be able to aid the progress of Wymsey and I see this as part of my Mission to it's good citizens. My greatest wish for 2001 is that everyone will come to my prayer tent revival during WymFest 2001. Bless you all."

You can contact Rosalie at

banana Floating Ambassadors For England
The State Council has announced that it had solved the problem of representation in England. The Council stated that PJ & JM (picture left - JM is camera shy) would be Wymsey's ambassadorial team in England, a task for which the Chronicle offers deepest sympathy.

pj Due to the depressing nature of this task PJ & JM have decided that their Embassy will be a canal narrow boat. "All the better to reach the long suffering people of England, buy them pints and offer them dreams of freedom and we won't have to stay in one place for too long," PJ. commented.

Contact the English Embassy:

English Embassy

banana American Presidential Election
The State Council has studied the American Presidential Wrangle with great interest and are relieved that at last a result has been obtained. We wonder about that result though.

Presidential Team

The attitude of the Clinton Administration towards Wymsey has not been discernible but we hope this will change with the bush babies now to be in the Whitehouse.

banana Fish and Chip Dispute
The Council decided this week that there was no place for a mobile fish and chip van in the new Micro-state of Wymsey despite the pleadings of a Mr Biggs and his associate, one Surf the owner of a mobile fish and chip retail outlet. It was decided that such an enterprise would be out of place in Wymsey taking into account our new position on the world stage. Naturally if the enterprise were to be parked over the boundary and citizens decided to stroll that way and happened to purchase fish and chips the State Council would not be in a position to object.

banana New Currency Adopted
The Finance Sub-Committee of the State Council has ratified the Wymsey New Currency Determining Order, this will put into place the new State currency based on the Wym (W) which will be legal tender within State boundaries. (Visitors from England and beyond will be able to use Wymsey Post Office & General Store to exchange currencies.) One Wym will be equal to one Euro which at this moment is equal to 0.60 pounds Sterling.

12 Wymps = 1 Wymmie
20 Wymmies = 1 Wym
144 Wymps = 1 Wym

Other Coins:
6 Wymps piece = 1 Sixwymp
12 Wymps piece = 1 Wyling
2 Wymies piece = 1 Wymin
5 Wymies piece = 1 Wymsey Dollar

Note: 1 Wym = 1 Euro = 0.60 Sterling = $0.90 US and a fistful of $ Canadian.

financial stuff, a graphical representation


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