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The Media in Wymsey
The State Council welcomes the part that the media played in the development of Wymsey and hope that things stay that way.

The Wymsey Chronicle Our once local, and now national, newspaper, the Wymsey Chronicle brings a typically Wymsical perspective to national and international events and often has inputs from such diverse places as Australia, Belgium, the USA and Wales. A very active Readers' Letters section ensures that citizens and visitors can express their views.

Wymsey Community Radio Until recently WCR was merely a local station, today it is the national radio station but retains much of it's local appeal. It focuses on people and loves to hear from it's listeners, in many senses WCR is a rural history primary source. WCR is delivered free of charge to all citizens of Wymsey via their WebSpin Contortium packages.

The young people prefer to go deaf listening to UWAT FM, the campus radio station at the University of Watchester. Top DJ MC Mike is a citizen of Wymsey and in the past has been mistaken for Woody Allen.

banana The International Media
Here in Wymsey we are abreast of the world stage and import a number of international newspapers including the following:

The Bute News

The Globe Guardian

The Tudor Times

Oakhampton Whines


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