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International Relations
Wymsey is keen on international relationships, we often go out of our way to be nice to entities who are not being nice to us, not very often but we have done it. In the recent past we have had trouble with the English and being surrounded by them presents us with a unique set of problems

On the whole Wymsey seeks to identify itself with smaller States, particularly those on islands and have a lot of time for the Windward Islands, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Dogs. We don't not like bullying and any nation that indulges in it will get a rough time as far as Wymsey is concerned.

Wymsey does not indulge in international football, rugby or cricket, in fact the only national teams we have are the Wymsey All Male Pavement Dance Team, the Bell Ringers and the Wymsey Square Dancers.
See below for more details of our approach to international relations.








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