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This is your one-stop resource for all matters concerning travel around, through and beyond Wymsey. Below you will also find information about what to see and do during your visit but first a message from Gordon deStompe, Leader of the State Council.

Gordon deStompe Welcome to Wymsey! You arrive at a time of great change as we transmute from obscure rural village to less obscure Micro-state. Whilst leader of the Parish Council I have taken humble pride in seeing Wymsey become a haven of free expression and a champion of liberty.

We may not appear exotic but under the surface we have much to offer the traveller who is prepared to dig a little. As you progress around the State you will find it's citizens ever ready to pass the time of day, jaw over the price of hogs, accept a pint of Winter Ale or take part in a market survey. Finally, to be fully aware of what's occupying the people of Wymsey at the moment you need to read the Wymsey Chronicle and be sure to consult the Parish Notice Board.







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