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Trade, Industry & Commerce in Wymsey
The micro-state of Wymsey has a thriving and ever modernizing rural industrial base and is self-sufficient in such products as cough drops, speciality tin boxes, pork, beer, milk, treacle, Veggiburgers, chitlins and many basic vegetables. Our special relationship with France ensures a stable flow of good wine, cheese, art films, Fransoise Hardy CDs and existential novels.

Below you will find essential information concerning our commercial progress and our plans for future business.


banana Dah Dits Cough Drops
Dah Dits, manufacturers of the famous Wymsey cough drop has seen demand increase exponentially during 2000. Their appointment as Official Supplier of cough drops to the Sidney Olympics Offical supplier of cough drops to the Sydney Olympics on the behest of the Mayor of Sydney has more than offset the troubles encountered during 1999. Company turnover was drastically effected by the Clinton Administration's embargo when Wymsey refused to stop importing, and eating, bananas from the Windward Islands. (This only happened because Clinton was unable to ban Belgian chocolate on account of the fact that he had no idea where Belgium was.)

The secret of Dah Dits success surely lies in their efficaciousness which relies on a strong local tradition of domestic nostrum manufacture.


banana The Very Fine Box Company
Situated on the Acorn Rural Enterprise Park, the Very Fine Box company is renowned in the industry for it's speciality metal boxes.

The Very Fine Box Company The Company's response to complex and urgent work is second to none and it's application of the latest technology has to be seen to be believed. Look inside any of today's complex artifacts and you may well find a Very Fine box! *

Very Fine workers. As Company Chairman, Lister P Perkins, says, "All the machinery in the world is all very well but the backbone of any company is it's work force. Get that right and everything will fall into place - with a little help from management. We like to think that we have got our workforce just how we want them."

Very Fine Boxes has recently become involved in Business to Business trading via the internet and is now ready to send it's boxes all over the world.

*Note: This may invalidate your warranty.


banana The WebSpin Management Contortium
Originally an outstation of Lympshire Social Services, the Contortium was established in 1997 as a response to the English New Labour government's RuralKick initiative which sought to bring information technology to rural settings. the Contortium As a consequence Wymsey became the first village in which every household was wired up. Contraction within Social Services in 1999 led to a management buyout for the princely sum of 10, since when the Contortium has not looked back.
Roughly speaking, the Contortium is Wymsey's Civil Service with a strong emphasis on super highway maintenance.

Above, The Contortium team at the end of a training day ('Dealing With the Public Cheerfully', as it happens.)


banana Information Technology & Telecommunications
IT is at the heart of Wymsey. Besides the WebSpin Contortium, which is the State backbone, Wymsey has a cable company, Wymsey Cable which is, de facto, the State cable company.

WCWC provides television, radio, shopping and internet access to anyone who is taken in by their advertising. The Company has found it difficult to penetrate Wymsey where citizens are more than happy with the service that the Contortium provides. Wymsey Cable has appealed to the State Council to rule that the WebSpin Contortium's position amounts to unfair competition, the Council's Report of Findings was reported as being seen during a recent spring clean.

ESI Computing Famed for it's ChronoCorrector software, ESI Computing is an offshoot of the Ernest Stuffe Institute and is base at the ESI World Headquarters at Wymsey Manor Hall. ESI is well known in academic circles for it's STI research program.


banana Treacle
The history and development of Wymsey is inextricably entwined with treacle. Evidence suggests that as far back as Neolithic times treacle was extracted from the environs. Wymsey Treacle Mine was exploited up to the outbreak of war in 1939 when it ceased production through the lack of manpower.

Changes in the patterns of demand have changed in recent years and discerning consumers are increasingly demanding natural products. With this in mind the Wymsey Treacle Development Corporation was formed in 1999 and it is hoped that small scale production of Wymsey Treacle will begin in the spring of 2001.


banana Wymsey Agriculture
The basis of local agriculture is organic, sustainable and what we've always done. Wymsey is a genetics-free state and has, almost singlehandedly, fought the machinations of Montantrum Bionics. We have a wide base of mixed agriculture and horticulture, typical examples are Wymsey Bottom Farm and Snorter Smith's smallholding.

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