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Folk Music

brought to you by
the Crown & Thorns Friday Sessioners.

Thanks to the unstinting efforts of the Friday Evening Sessioners we are pleased and proud to bring you, for the first time in one place, the beginnings of what we hope will be the definitive source of the Ronnie songs.

Little is known about Ronnie, or Ron as he is sometimes referred to, but his presence through over 400 years of folk music is hard to deny. Reaching back into the Oral Tradition, through Chapbooks, the Victorian music hall, the Dustbowl, the Folk Revival and the horrors of Riverdance the attentive student will find Ronnie all over the place.

the entries so far:
NB: In some cases songs are more widely known by their first line, we have not recoiled from using that rather than the song title and would strenuously deny any accusations of 'dumbing down' that this might evoke from purists.

Hang down your head Ron Dooley.
My Ronnie lies over the ocean.
Ronnie Row the Boat Ashore.
Frankie & Ronnie
Ronnie McBride
Ronnie Would A Courting Go
Where Have All The Ronnies Gone
The Three Ronnies
Ronnie Has Gone For a Soldier
Handsome Ronnie
Roll On Ronnie
Rantin' rovin' Ronnie
Ballad of Ronnie O'Reilly
Black Ron Davy
Ronnie where's your trousers?
Donnegal Ronnie
Scots o'er the water to Ronnie
Where is your highland Ronnie gone?
Ronnie Malone
Abraham, Martin and Ron *
Ron Barleycorn *
Ron Hall *
Ronnie Hood and the Bishop of Hereford *
Ronnie Hood and Guy of Gisborn *
A Ron's a Ron For A' That *
The Galway Piper (Piping Ron) *
Ronnie Mountain High *
Wish that I was on old Ronnie top. *
Too Ron Lou Ron Lou Ron (That's An Irish Lullaby) *
On Top of Old Ronnie
My Wild Irish Ron *
Are You Going to Scarborough, Ron? *
When Ronnie's Eyes Are Smiling *
Ronnie Went A Courtin' *
Blow the Ron Down *

* Our Thanks to Maggie at the Tudor Times.
* Thanks to Mara for these.

If you have a Ronnie folk song that our compilers have missed on account of imbibing too many pints of Winter Sump do let us have them, send to: Ronnie's Folk. Don't forget to include your name so that we can credit you.

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