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Publishers by Appointment to the state of Wymsey. Publishers of high class fiction, books of burning interests, poetry of an obscure nature. Commissioning editors of lurid biographies
(excluding pop stars). Catalogues and raffle tickets considered.


Our Authors

  Sam Thundral
  Belinda Buckfast
  John Applegate
  Elsanna P Lupin
  Maj Gen Barking-Barking


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welcome to the primrose press, home of quality publishing

We've made it!
The Primrose Press is delighted to have made it to the World Wide Web which coincides with our move to Wymsey. The publishing scene in England was no longer conducive to our type of production so the Company was delighted to be invited to transfer our business to Wymsey. We are very grateful to the State Council for their material help including the provision of premises at the Acorn Rural Industrial Park. We are very proud of the authors in our stable and know that you, dear reader, will enjoy them as much as we do. Wymsey is just the place for a Press such as ours.

To your left are links to our most popular authors and their output, here you will find something for everyone, except the illiterate. Our products range from the lurid intimacy of Belinda Buckfast, through the tranquil country episodes of Sam Thundral via the detailed studies of John Applegate to the anthropological angst of Dr Ben Becula.

We are confident that more authors will join us as the Primrose Press becomes the prime Wymsey publisher. Please note that we welcome reader reviews of any of our books, do feel free to send of your comments.

Visit Wymsey
visit Wymsey

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