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The Data Box:

STI makes use of Furious transforms to deposit evidence of occurrences of terrestrial intelligence in your on-screen data box - we rather like this blue. As you can see below, on installation the STI research software comes with six months of global scanning results pre-loaded in the data box.

data box

Data Analysis:

Where the action may possibly take place. Dynamic updating of the scanning process and data processing can be observed as your computer beavers away. This is well worth watching and will help you understand the complex processes as they happen.

webscan animation Earth Server Scan Progress: (Yellow plot = web congestion)

panaramic scan Earth Server Panoramic Dynamic Scan Graph: Please note that large peaks do not necessarily indicate intelligence detection, it's probably a local source like Windows doing something unexpected in the background, so don't get too excited.

Horizontal Axis = real time domain.
Vertical Axis = power domain.
Scan Width = 0.5 seconds.
Resolution = 0.007547491457 Hz

SETI: If you came here Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence we are sorry to say this does not come within our remit but you could try SETI@Home which is where it's really happening.

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