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ernest stuffe
at town hall

"One's ideas are but fireworks,
one moment one is standing there in the dark
when suddenly there is a blinding flash.
A few seconds later one is in the dark again."

ernest stuffe, Slackville Town Hall, summer solstice, 1999

In June 1999 Slackville Town Hall played host to the Ernest Stuffe Annual Summer Camp and in the process Slackville became a location on the Stuffe World Map. Since revealing his unique philosophy-for-living, Vagueness Theory, at Glastonbury Tor in England in 1985, Ernest Stuffe has dedicated his life to the propagation and day-to-day application of vagueness. This he often does on an expenses only basis. Some of what he had to say is explored below.

on Slackville: "You have said to this speaker, 'Why Slackville?' This speaker has been to many places in a long and varied life that has been full of going to places but this speaker has never been here before. What this speaker sees here he has never seen before. Where this speaker is is of no importance, where the listener is is of the essence. Let this speaker tell you a story."

"There was a wealthy man who lived in a castle that had 300 rooms and many servants. But he was not a happy man, his greatest wish could not be fulfilled which made him angry and discontent. This man, who had so much that he knew not what, was a pain to himself and his family. Such men are not so hard to find in this speaker's experience. He would strut from room to room downcast and not seeing, slamming doors and thumping tables. Then one day he died.

This speaker says to you, you are that castle, it's rooms the corners of your being, it's servants the synapses in your brain. And you too will die."

on the internet: "It has been said, not by this speaker, that humanity has changed course but that the gods have jumped ship. What this speaker has said is that humanity has changed course by throwing the gods overboard. Does the listener hear that? Process, process, process! Is the listener awake? Does the listener want to hear that he is godless?"

"This speaker visualises the world wide web, he sees it in the manner of Telhard de Charden - a new umbra, a layer of knowledge and information between ground zero and the stratosphere. This speaker has named that layer the Subumbra."

on change: "This speaker has observed change from both sides, now, you will ask, 'Tell us what sides does change have.' Is that not obvious to even the least reflective of this speaker's listeners. Before and after, these are the sides. For some there is a chasm between them but in truth they are both sides of the same coin. Some will say, 'But after change we need to rest.' This speakers says that all rest is illusion. Some of my listeners will be aware of the electronic device known as an ' astable flipflop', this piece of circuitry has two quasi-stable states, up/down, on/off, before/after. Quasi-stable because the instant it has reached on it is off again. Likewise change."

on knowledge: "Two men walk side by side up a mountain with sacks on their backs, both these men are geologists and as they walk along the men come across interesting rocks and they collect samples. After some hours the weight of their sacks begins to slow them down so they decide to take a rest. While they are resting a party of children on a school trip come along and they too take rest. The children gather round to look at the rock samples that the two men have gathered. The first man, on seeing their interest, gives each child one of his rocks whilst the other keeps his rocks in his hands and returns them to his sack.

The two men leave the school children and proceed up the mountain but after a while the first geologist notices that the other is limping. Eventually, under the burden of his rock samples, the second geologist can go no further and the first goes on without him."

on personal growth"Hah! We arrive at the nub, the hub, your dissatisfaction with you. You want to 'grow', to change. This speaker tells you that you, like the mighty oak (or redwood, for you Americans) have no choice. You grow, that is the essence of being and when you achieve non-being your hair and nails continue to grow. This speaker tells you that the concept of personal growth is a trap. You are what you are and the only growth you need is the acceptance of the fact that you are what you are. You are already perfect and do not accept the fact that no one can be you like you can.

on evil: This speaker has searched the world over for this thing called evil and has only found stupidity and scapegoats. Yes, this speaker has been to Texas, he has even been to Austin and yes, he has come across the Jasper but, no, this speaker has not found evil. Look inside, this speaker suggests, explore the shadows and then come out into the sunshine.

on this speaker: "You have asked why 'this speaker' and this speaker will tell you. He has journeyed from self-centred infant, through arrogant youth full of heartache and desire, in the wilderness, to where he is today. This speaker refers to himself thus in order to make it plain that this speaker is without ego."

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May the essence that carries us forever forward lift you in it's arms and carry you beyond the realms of understanding.

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