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    A New Arts Award For 2000

    Nailed! Award This week the arts world was stunned by the arrival of yet another prize, the Wymsey Chronicle Nailed! Award and for the first time, the arts prizes movement embraces the up-and-coming 'Internet' with a prize that singles out art-loving 'surfers' and is sponsored by Lemon Communications. The object of the prize is to reward those who have, in the opinion of the Arts Page Team, done the 'internet community' great service.

    Lemon Communications Area manager, Thomas T Trunkkall said that the Company was very pleased to be associated with such a prestigious endeavour. "Connectivity is our byword and anything that encourages quality has to be encouraged.

    Winners of the Nailed Award will feature in 'Site of the Weak' - see below. Find out more about Nailed! and the other Wymsey Awards.

    is it art?

    onion paintingEver since his ride to fame, on the back of the New Condonists movement based in Swansea, Oskar Larkinsaw has known, and embraced the notoriety that his work has brought him. Pilloried by the tabloid press and patronized by some of the broadsheets, his work has been championed by others. He certainly goes down well with the Wymsey vegetarians. We sent Julia Shantock-Jones to interview Oskar Larkinsaw at his studio on the Acorn Industrial Park in Wymsey, she started by asking him, "Why Wymsey?"
    OL:I met a guy in a bar in Swansea who had lived here and the more he told me the more I realised that it was the place I had been looking for. The corruption of the so-called new Condonists had left me blistered and I needed to be somewhere where I could explore my essential innocence.

    JSJ: The art critic of Look Out! magazine famously said, of your work, that he had seen better pictures in his seed catalogue. What was your response to this?
    OL: The guy stinks, he spent over a year trying to get an invite to one of my parties, then gave up and wrote that piece.

    JSJ: How would you describe your work?
    OL: The piece above I called Neglect and, like all my work, it has a number of subtexts. On one level it is an ironic pun at the expense of the modern art establishment. On another it is a comment on the dichotomy that industrialization has produced with respect to the abstract and the actual. At yet another level it is simply a picture of spring onions, it's companion piece, entitled "Scallywags" is hanging in the New Orleans Museum of Vitualistic Art. I do not have an agenda but if I did then to confound the critics would not be a part of it. As has frequently happened, I do confound them but that is merely a by-product of my creative process.

    JSJ: How do you go down in America?
    OL: They like me, mostly. It's the energy and openness to new ideas.
    JSJ: Some might say that there is an element of naivety in that Country.
    OL: Yea well, if you can't emulate you can always belittle.

    JSJ: What are you working on at the moment?
    OL: Two people have been occupying my thoughts lately, Stalin and Freud - kind of beetroot and chili. It seems to me that these two great men have a lot to tell each other and, in the process, us. This I am going to illustrate this with a triptych.
    JSJ: That form seems suggestive of imagery that takes one close to birth of Christianity, is it your intention to refer back to that and forward to the millennium?
    OL: No, that would imply a degree of pretentiousness and, worse, suggest a PhD in Fine Art. Up 'til now I worked in ten picture series because I could get a decent discount on the frames but recently my frame maker has developed arthritis.

    JSJ: How do the people of Wymsey respond to your work?
    OL: I don't really know, I prefer to share a pint with them in the Crown & Thorns.

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    Site of the Weak

    The first Site of the Weak is the work of Mr Fred Farkel, probably of the USA. The Hall of Lame is a jolly interesting site with a line in java pictures of fireworks and things that grow and spread - here we suspect pictorial metaphor but then we would. We were put onto the Hall of Lame by an associate whose website visits increased by over 100 a day after being listed. There are three pages of listings - all worth visiting.

    Fred Farkel appears to be man with a sense of humour. The point of the listings is to save the surfer time and expense by detailing the sites he has found to be worthy of a place in the Hall of Lame.

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