Flag of Corodos The Island Republic of Flag of Corodos
Welcomes you!

"Corodos, it's twin islands set in the balm of the Pacific,
has to be a destination that the adventurous traveller will actively search out."
Corbett's Guide to Corodos, 1997

Regional Map Map of Corodos

The Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palacio, Corodos City
( as seen inside the perimeter fence )

The Palace was completed in 1988 and funded by public subscription
in gratitude for the great advances brought to Corodos
by El Presidente Georgio Bertram Corodos,
Life President of the Republic.

Images of Corodos

N. Island Forest Plantation, North Island
North Island Forest North Island Plantation
beach view South Island from North Island
Beach View, Big Bay,
North Island
South Island
from North Island

A Message from El Presidente,
Georgio Bertram Corodos

Greetings to our friends of the Internet! As President of Corodos I am feeling proud at this fine example of the Republic's progress. We are a small country, shadowed by giants from the north but we are fiercely in dependant and, as our glorious history has shown, have successfully rebuffed the English, the Spanish and numerous other pirates of all shades and colours. Neither will we let our wonderful culture and habits be trampled on by the globalisation of human activities.

We Corodians are a nation with a great sense of humour, oh how we love a good laugh! We are a passionate people. I know that I speak for the whole of my Council of Ministers, including my Chief of Police and the Internal Security Department when I say that Corodos welcomes visitors and investors with no strings. I apologise for the fact that South Island is not open to visitors at this time, this is due to the devastating tidal race between the two islands, storm damage to the airstrip, the lack of roads and hotels and our commitment to making the Island a World Conservation Site. ( Rumours about unhappiness amongst the population of South Island over the siting of the International Airport on North Island are malicious.) But that should not worry the casual visitor to Corodos who will find plenty to do on North Island.

So, come, explore and enjoy our wonderful Island Republic and people. Please respect our laws and conventions - remember we Corodians drive on the sunny side of the road. Our Chief of Police and Internal Security, General Garcia Miguel Charles Corodos, suggests that it would be a good idea if visitors signed the Corodos Guest book.

Flag of Corodos

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