10 :Wymsey Weekend
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(a ramble with Olivier P Fybal)

The Birds

Desmond & Molly find their bearings. Shoed Flightless Geese are a rare and exotic breed which was unknown until recently when a pair appeared in Wymsey. These creatures are intelligent and curious but, sadly, mute. They make up for their silence by having the brightest of eyes and the friendliest of manners. The Wymsey Pair arrived on the Green during the summer of 2002 and proceeded to find their bearings and quickly settled in.

Local resident interacts with Desmond & Molly. It was local raconteur and pony fancier, Maragold Babie, who christened the geese Desmond & Molly Jones. The geese did not object and the locals have accepted the pair into their lives with remarkable enthusiasm. Here (picture left) we see the geese and Wymsey Bottom Lane resident, Olivier P Fybal, sharing an outdoor cartographical moment.


Natural history fascinates D & M Once settled the geese set about establishing themselves as avian park rangers by furiously chasing off Blaah Junior's friends on their unlicensed motorcycles, watching for loose gnomes, nipping the knees of anyone in green wellies carrying a magnifying glass and honking at anyone alighting from a Wymsey Cable van. Shoed Geese, and our pair in particular, are reknowned for their affinity with all things natural. Here we see them using their beaks to set off an otherwise dull shot of some dandelions. ( By the way, you can enlarge any picture on this page by clicking on it.)

Bluebells This spring has been pure joy for Desmond & Molly, the winter was mild and the spring warm if rather dry but the combination has been perfect for the flora on the Green. Pictured left we see the pair surprising some bluebells under bramble scrub.

Geese in the ashes. Although the Green is generally respected, there is occasional vandalism in the more hidden parts - Scouts! Here, right, we see our gallant geese inspecting fire damage and the demise of a bramble patch. It is obvious that neither Desmond or Molly are too happy about this kind of thing but what can two geese do?


Molly up a tree in May. Being a flightless goose can be a disadvantage but one that Molly, in particular, overcomes with an almost disgusting cheerfulness. For instance, she has developed ways of scrabbling up small trees and Molly uses it to great effect in order to pose amongst the May. It is worth noting here that everything that you have heard about geese being showy creatures is absolutely true but in the case of the Shoed their very muteness becomes their saving grace.

What fun, matey!

Patrick, friend of D and M Both Desmond & Molly are on friendly terms with most of the creatures that have made the environs their home, although Molly is not over keen on the lizards. They both have a soft spot for Patrick ( right ) who is often to be seen, pulling a two wheeled buggy, or gig, up and down Church Lane at a great rate of knots with a grand high step that says, "What fun, matey!"

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