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Welcome to Wymsey Cable the Company that connects you, your family and friends to the world, the future and the betting shop. With us you will have choices beyond your wildest dreams, telephone, fax, data, TV, radio, internet, shopping, banking, are all yours at the click of a button. We have tariffs enough to baffle anyone, our Customer Service is second to none and exists only to make your experience with Wymsey Cable a pleasant one - we care about our customers.

As a leading Cable Service Provider we are committed to embracing change and running with it. Our innovations are renowned in the industry, the media and with our customers. Explore this site and see what you can expect when you sign up with Wymsey Cable.

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Wymsey Cable offers:
1. The WC Basic which comprises the terrestrial channels, the WC BasicShop, the WC BigShop and the WC HyperShop.
2. The WC BasicPlus gives you the WC Basic plus some old movie channels.
3. The WC FamilyPack offers the WC Basic plus the WC BasicPlus and 197 satellite channels.
4. The WC BigPack offers the WC Basic, WC BasicPlus, WC FamilyPack, 75 sports channels plus the following channels exclusive to Wymsey Cable:

Contact Customer service for a swift quote and connection.



Wymsey Cable is able to provide you with a telephone package tailored to meet your needs as we divine them:

Contact Customer Service for a swift quote and connection.



WC Interconnectivity is a byword amongst those new to the online world and we are dedicated to exploiting the opportunities that are offered by the expansion of the World Wide Web. We offer packages to suit all pockets which are summarised below (for a more detailed look at what we offer both business and residential customers visit our Portal at www.KlikKlunkWC.com) :

Note: Whilst telephone support is free to WCKlikBusinessMaster users all other accounts attract premium rate call charges (£3.75 per hour) when connecting to our Klik Support Desk. Due to byte dump integer slew rate incompatibilities we are unable to handle queries by email.


Customer Service:

For any Company it's customers' perceptions are paramount and Wymsey Cable is no exception, we see our Customer Service division as the all important interface whose function is to ensure the smooth running of all our operations. You will find our personnel personable, accessible, helpful, responsiveness and a whole lot of other things some of which they will have learnt on our excellent staff training courses and some they will not have.

Contacting Customer Service:



WC Down StationHere at Wymsey Cable Innovation is our watchword. The WC Innovation Labs are constantly looking at new technologies and ways to exploit them. Company policy ensures that 0.01 per cent of group net profits are ring marked for service development. An example that has made an impact on a street near you is our Audible Warning Street Box which continually emits a wide spectrum buzzing sound to inform night time walkers that they are approaching a possible obstruction. We are currently working on a method to mute the sound during daylight hours.


WC Clubs:

Users of Wymsey Cable are qualified to join any of the WC Clubs:

Please note that the Clubs are operated by National Phone Clubs PLC and any service provided is divorced entirely from Wymsey Cable. Contact Dept. WC, NPC PLC, NPC House, Watchester for more details.



Here are just a few of the things our customers have had to say about our service:


The Company:

Wymsey Cable PLC was formed in 1996 with the amalgamation of Wizitron Wymsey, Wymsey Telephones, The Lympshire Telephone Company, QwikSpeak Telecoms, Dunkin Drapers & The Wymsey Waste Paper Company.

cable diggerToday WC is an industry leader implementing cutting edge developments in the field of multi media communications to a discerning customer base. Often to be seen in the FT 100, WC PLC, is proud also of it's position on the US NAFTEC exchange following it's involvement with the Ohio based Briarhop Cable Company.

Environmental Statement: Wymsey Cable's concern with the environment is fundamental to it's operations. We are dedicated to low impact implementation. In 1988 the Company funded the planting of over 250 trees in it's franchise areas and plan to increase that number during the current financial year.


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