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Wymsey gets lots of visitors but few of them get to sign the guest book which is a shame because the WebSpin Management Consortium is keen to hear comments and suggestions from visitors. Below are some of the comments that we have received to date. So send us yours and we'll put them here.

Dear Whimsey Person,
You have a cool site. It is red and stuff.

Ah, Wymsey! One of the most delightful tourist spots in cyberspace.

It makes the web surfer satisfied with all the information he wants to know and also the news are recent news.

I believe it is a real town if its not don't tell me.
or me!

Loved the site! Haven't laughed that hard for years! Keep up the good work and please include some Real Estate information as we are thinking of relocating!

Oh, I love your site. Look for a link this week.

We haven't had this much fun since Grannie's funeral. My Dad wants to move here - is there much work for toxic chemical disposal experts in Wymsey?

it's so droll...

I LOVE Wymsey! Keep it going -- or coming...

I always enjoy my visits to Wymsey, strolling along the Navigation, giving my best wishes to Sister Sara as she searches through the brush for her beloved moped.

So: I was trying to give you some background on WHAT HAPPENED THIS MORNING!!! By the way, your home page is cool.

Thanks for the giggles.

It's a veritable backwater festival.

I found it a thoroughly delightful experience

I will stick you on my developing site.

I have read your columns and cannot understand a damn thing you are talking about. Here in the United States we pride ourselves in our precise, concise, incisive, and in-other-stuff language.

Excellent site, so much to see, I'll be back again.

Evil Creatures are being taken care of.

it is nice to see what other villages are like.

I enjoyed visiting Wymsey. You should consider maybe importing a couple of cows here though...mooo.
Wymsey Manor Farm now has cows from Colorado

Charlie, Get off the phone and go tidy the kitchen.

It's very annoying!

Umm, I have no clue what Wymsey (sp?) is.
But we have a few clues about you: Teenage girl, age 14, American?

Very nice place ya got here, you should get one of them big red buses like London, only paint it yellow so those silly buggers in London don't think you are copying them. It would really boost tourism.
We got a yellow double decker but it is in Canada on a goodwill tour.

submit to myopia

I happened to enter the room, while my husband was laughing uproariously at something on the monitor screen... Curious I too looked over at the screen...and lo and behold I started to laugh too!
Wymsey is pleased to help maintain relationships!

Excellent site, so much to see, I'll be back again.

I have lived in the USA for 25 years, and I do love a good laugh.

My friend Joe Schmoe (the Dancing Chicken) and I heard about your site and had to see it for ourselves. Glad we did. Very nice! Say, do you have Dancing Chickens in England?
No dancing chickens discovered as yet.

Hi. I really enjoyed your home page and I think you have a great sense of humour. Very British. I will be coming back for more visits, if you don't mind.

Your page is fantastic - I want to come back again and spend some time there!
Regards, Artgekko

Sure do have a lot of women signing your guest book,
I want you to know that I noticed! :) Merlin

What a strange yet intoxicating site!

Dear Carlo, Congratulations! You are a WINNER of Rant's bi-weekly wittiest contributor award. Your prize is a Montecristo No. 5, delivered straight to your door.
Huh! It never did arrive.

Congratulations! I love your site!

your site is great and you ARE a genius!!! Can't write anymore now,

Do not have time to check your site.

Best Wishes from the North Pole!

I made it here! Oh! Great site too!

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