Wymsey 10 Years Old, 1998 - 2008, Blimey Matey!

the Wymsey & District Chronicle

letters to the editor, 2008:

please note that these letters are in now counter chronological order.

Dear Editor,
May I be the first to congratulate the Wymsey Chronicle on it's first decade of fearlessly unsurpassed documentations of the environs? My life would just not be the same without my weekly serving of your esteemed publication.

It seems like only yesterday that I was saying to the lady wife, "Look what's just come through the letterbox Missus." We have been agog ever since! You too, I expect.

Gordon Chumpley,
Team Leader,
Wymsey Male Outdoor Formation Dance Team,
"Dancing for a better micro-state."

Ronald P Puckling
I am happy to be second to congratulate the Wymsey Chronicle and the people of Wymsey in reaching the grand age of ten. Well done guys!

Keep it up!

Ronald P Puckling
1174 Cotters Lane
Nugartie Pastures Gated village
CA 9867739

Dear Editor,
Ten years old you say, isn't it about time your male dominated publication grew up and took some responsibility for your actions and for those of your sex. I have discussed this with my husband and he agrees.

Perhaps you could celebrate by giving up flesh eating.

Ethel M Nails,
Wymsey Vegetarians & Recyclers.

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