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letters to the editor, 2009 - 10:

please note that these letters are in now counter chronological order.

Dear Editor,
May I be the first to congratulate the Wymsey Chronicle on it's fearlessly unsurpassed documentations of the PLT problem? We Wymsey radio amateurs need all the help we can get in our fight against the devious forces of mammon. May I also point out that my life would just not be the same without my weekly serving of your esteemed publication.

It seems like only yesterday that I was saying to Mr Chumpley, "Look what's just come through the letterbox Chumpers." We have been agog ever since! You too, I expect.

Organa Chumpley, Mrs
Caterer to the Wymsey Male Outdoor Formation Dance Team,
"Dancing for a better micro-state."

Dear Sir,
Where oh where have my shortwaves gone, where oh where can they be? They were there last week but now they are not. Today I turned on my trusty old Kolsterbrand and tuned around looking for China Radio International and, propagation being what it is, I tuned up the band and then I tuned down the band. Nothing, not a twang. You can imagine how I felt. If I wanted to listen to meaningless hash all day long then I would tune into the English Radio Westminster.

We need to get the good old EU and that nice regulator lady, Vivenne Redding, stuck into this one fast.

Orford Manliness, OM
4, Quadly Lane,

Dear Editor,
Oh dear, here we go again with another male dominated obsession. When will anyone think of the animals, especially the invertebrates, who do not have a voice. Sometimes I despair.

Ethel M Nails,
Wymsey Vegetarians & Recyclers.

December, 2009
Dear Ed,
Me and my fellow breakers up on Elizabeth Barrett Browning Avenue thought we'd write and wish all our listeners (willing or not) a very happy 2010 and if anyone wants to come up and see me 14 element 11m twig just give us a blast on the usual channel.

Branston & Tanya Jones,
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Avenue,
Lower Wymsey.

Dear Sir, It is not often I can bring myself to write to the press what with the hunting and my cacti collection keeping me up at night. But enough is a enough! I am having trouble listening to Radio Free Tibet, how about you? It was bad enough with the jamming from those cunning little blighters over the horizon but now it's a total wipe out. What can I do?

Radio Free Tibet reminds me of those days spent under the yamyam trees on the North West Frontier. Talk about dusky damsels in distress - happy days!

By the way, whatever happened to Radio Hilversham?

General Barking-Barking
Barking Hall
Upper Wymsey

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