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Perfect bliss?
Going through my collection of mandalas.

Greatest fear? Not fearing.

Historical figure? Solomon.

Deplore in one self?
I am at home with all aspects of myself.

Deplore in others?
Self deception.

What vehicles do you own? A tricycle.

Unappealing habits?
Extra marital affairs.

Favourite word? Yes.

Transitional Positions by Carlos D'Afficianardo.

Favourite radio station?
I do not listen to the wireless.

Jam roly poly pudding.

Object? My pen.

Film? I do not view films..

What has life taught you? Many things.

How would you like to die? Replete.

Dr Ben Becula Dr. Ben Becula
the Jungian

Dr Ben Becula is a Jungian analyst and anthropologist who has for many decades studied the processes of individuation, transitional demotivation and tranquilization deficit syndrome (TDS). In recent years he has contributed many papers on the role that the World Wide Web plays in the individuation process for many people. In this respect he is well known for coining the phrase "extroverting the introvert."

Dr Becula is currently completing a study of online imaginary communities and the minds of the persons behind such creations and it is the furtherance of this latter study that brings him to Wymsey. Among Dr Becula's many hobbies is the collection and creation of mandalas (see below), he is also a keen fan of country and western music.

Of his move to Wymsey Dr Becula says, "Over the past thirty years my studies have taken me to many strange places populated with equally strange people. In between my research I hope to be able to add something to village life. I would like to make it clear that I do not work with individuals and have no interest in the everyday neurotic so please don't come to me with your troubles - take them to a friend or something."

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