the quizz

perfect bliss?
Having all the hymn books out before matins.

historical figure?
Georgio El Paso Del Condo, a 16th Century Venitian missionary.

deplore in one self?
lack of humility.

deplore in others?
lack of humility.

What vehicles do you own?
push bike, battered Land Rover.

Unappealing habits?
being right.

favourite word?

Contemplations By Monsig. Abraham Moses.

Anything by the Vernon Sisters.

roast beef.

The Dam Busters.

greatest love?
my lady wife and the kids.

What has life taught you?
be right.

How would you like to die?

Are you religious?

ex-Counsellor Blaah Julius Blaah
Ex-Parish Councillor
& Church Warden

Pictured above attempting to rescue the Wymsey Christmas Message, see Wymsey Chronicle Achieve, Julius Blaah is pillar of respectable Wymsey. Given a moral issue, often defined as such by him, the ex-Councillor is off like a banshee in a bog.

Described as 'somewhat right of centre' Julius Blaah has moved more goal posts than the groundsman at the Wymsey recreation ground. As a councillor and in his role as church warden he has leant heavily towards the evangelical and his public pronouncements have been full of trite homilies and hollow phrases.

Until recently seen by many as a figure of fun, ex-Councillor Blaah is now seen by not a few people in Wymsey as suffering from the early stages of megalomania.

His recent pronouncements certainly seem to indicate that he knows what's best for the people of Wymsey. In the recent past ex-Councillor Blaah has become embroiled in a number of turgid controversies, these include the Wymsey Millennium Statement, genetically modified foods and the class war. Read the Wymsey & District Chronicle and it's achieves for the full dodos.

Whilst the ex-Councillor continually pontificates about the brightness of Wymsey's future we have a feeling that his will not be so bright.

UPDATE: June, 1999. Ex-Parish Councillor Julius Blaah was overwhelmingly defeated in the European Parliamentary election, he is currently considering his future.

Julius Blaah Writes:"As a local businessman, of some success, I am pleased to have this opportunity to redress the prejudicial view of me expressed frequently in the columns of the Wymsey Chronicle. This "newspaper" lies and is eating out of the hands of the current leadership of the Parish Council which is led by the three loonies who instigated the Millennium Gnome revolt. Gordon deStompe, John Applegate and Major General Barking-Barking have usurped a tradition of gentle progress triggered by those who know best. As one of the latter, they have tried to turn me into a laughing stock.

Who are these three? An ex-sociologist balding hippy with drug-induced brain damage, a retired school master with a shed full of old newspapers and an anachronistic ex-soldier. This trio have embarked on a course of anarchy. Sometimes I despair.

It seems to me that, under their leadership, the village is falling apart and when it does yours truly will be here with a pot of glue and a tranch of sensible policies."

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