is Wymsey middle class?

Ex-Parish Councillor Julius Blaah recently stirred up yet another hornet's nest on UWAT FM's Big Bouncy Breakfast Show, in answer to a question from UWAT FM's DJ MC Mike, Julius Blaah implied that we were all middle class now. So, in the interests of objectivity we went onto the streets of Wymsey to find out how middle class our village is:-

  • Gordon deStompe:"Oh God not that stupid question, I heard that man on the radio this morning, he is seriously over supplied with the verbals."
  • Nance Scroggins:"Well I was born in Coalscuttle Lane and we used to have ice on the inside of the bedroom window."
  • Leslie 'Snorter' Smith:"Do you see me driving a Volvo - goddammit man I've got pigs to feed."
  • John Applegate:"well, it depends what you mean by middle class, I would define myself as Old Middle Class."
  • The Rev:"My good man what does it matter, conceder the lilies."
  • Sam Toogood:"Sorry mate, can't talk politics - more than my jobs worth."
  • Torquay:"Good gracious, No! How utterly horrid, what would one's friends say?"
  • Sister Sara O'Hara :"Och, away with you, my daddy was a wandering harp builder and me ma was a chorus girl in Dublin. That Julius Blaah, sure now, he listens to himself too much."
  • Mrs Monica Moonstone:"Oh, that nice Mr Blaah."
  • The Copper, Sergeant Brightstone:"Come on, move along."
  • Major General Barking-Barking:"Blaah, he'll be the death of me."
  • Rampling Dan Dither:"You guys are kinda obsessed."
  • Professor Michael Field:"you could say that I'm hopelessly over qualified but it's a mystery to me how we can all be middle class - silly man."
  • Lizzie Kallinthrop:"Dunno mate - gotta get to the chemists like real quick."

Analysis of Responses

Please note that many people made or agreed with more than one of the following statements. For example, 88% of those who said that they were working class also said that Councillor Blaah was a space cadet. Analysis provided by 2nd year Psychology students at the University of Watchester (UWAT).

Are you middle class?
me, I'm working class and proud70%
I'm middle class now10%
I've always been middle class10%
Shove off mate6.5%
I'm not on the electoral register3%
We've got double glazing thanks3%
God, No one is not1%
I'm lost0.5%

I agree
Councillor Blaah is a space cadet70%
Councillor who ducks?19%
Is he the Gnome Tsar?9%
Wot 'e needs is a proper job.2%
My mum went to school with him015%
He's a great man0.1%

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