Cows Come Home
to Wymsey Bottom farm

Farmer Charlie Stebbings had a beaming smile on his face calfas he opened Wymsey Bottom Farm gate to let in the cattle truck that brought new stock to the farm. After losing his whole herd to BBC disease during 1997 a depressed Stebbings had vowed never again to have cattle at Wymsey Bottom. "It's not the cows, it's the government." he is quoted as saying.

Thanks to a chance contact with the Colorado Cow Camp the farm has now been restocked with BBC-free cattle. Having discovered this source of healthy happy animals Stebbings went into urgent negotiations with the owners of Cow Camp and the new stock was flown from Colorado to London, Heathrow, by Concorde. loveincalf "We chose this, admittedly expensive, method of transport to ensure minimum discomfort to the beasts." said Stebbings, who flew out to in order to personally attend the cows during the flight.

As can be seen, the new stock has settled down and are happily adjusted to their new lives at Wymsey Bottom Farm. Stebbings hopes to be back in milk production, in a small way, some time in 1999. "This time I intend to concentrate on value added products, in particular I would like to re-introduce Wymsey Maid Butter and Wymsey Torque - a strong hard cheese that disappeared during the 2nd World War.",uk

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