the quiz
perfect bliss?
Up a tree in Umbala.

greatest fear?
not getting there.

historical figure?
My dad.

deplore in one self?
enjoying my popularity.

deplore in others?

What vehicles do you own?
push bike and tatty old Land Rover.

Unappealing habits?
waving my arms about.

favourite word?

Snakes of the Umbala Basin.

favourite radio station?

Anything by the Troggs.

jam roly poly pudding with fresh cream.

my passport.

Les Enfants des Paraguay.

greatest love?
I'd rather not say just yet.

What has life taught you?
catch that bus.

How would you like to die?

Are you religious?
Only in a pantheistic way.

Professor Michael Field,
Earth Ecology Unit, UWAT

Appointed to the Chair of Earth Ecology in April, 1997, Professor Michael "Mickey" Field brought with him a global reputation and a large collection of tree frogs. Up a tree in Sumatra He has led many field trips world-wide in his relentless research into rain forest ecology and is renowned in this field being awarded the National Explorers Medal by the British Empire Fund in 1995.

Professor Field, born in 1953, comes from a working class rural background, his childhood was spent on the family small holding on the Gower Peninsula, Wales. The Professor's mother, Clarrie, was a Spinner but she also sang in other folk groups that did not require her to cross dress. In his early twenties was ecologically active particularly in the field of nuclear power and motorway destruction.

From his appointment as Senior Research Fellow at the University of Watchester (UWAT) Biology Department Professor Field found it necessary to curtail his anti-establishment activities. Since becoming the first head of the UWAT Earth Ecology Unit the professor has focused on cultivating a cuddly, media friendly, image at which he has succeeded.

Professor Field has been married four times and is currently divorced although for the last year he has often been seen in the company of ex-supermodel Torquay, Julia St. Carlton Es Pernier

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