the quizz
perfect bliss?
Warm slippers & cocoa.

greatest fear?
The other gender.

historical figure?
Alexander of Aquapucia.

deplore in one self?
Forgetting the cat food..

deplore in others?
Lack of historical sense.

What vehicles do you own? None.

Unappealing habits?
There are so many.

favourite word? history.

The History of the World in Twentyfive Volumes with index.

Anything by Harry Roy.

Jam roly poly pudding.

My new shed.

Les Enfants des Histories.

What has life taught you?
Read, read, read.

How would you like to die?
With my slippers on.

Are you religious? No.
john applegate

John has lived in Wymsey all his 58 years, has never married and retired from teaching at Watchester Grammar School when it went comprehensive in the early seventies.

Since his mother died some 12 years ago John has lived alone in the family cottage with a succession of cats called Ginger.

His main thing is History and he is not really here right now nor does the future interest him. John has a fund of information which is usually tangential, he is often to be found in the public bar of theCrown & Thorns drinking a pint of Winter and being knowledgeable about things past.

John is very keen on primary sources, does his own washing, housework and cooking. He has built a special shed in which to store his ever growing store of old newspapers.

John Applegate Writes:"History is fascinating, there is enough of the past to fill a man's mind many times over which is why I bought my shed. Most people find it hard to have connection with the past, personally I find it hard to maintain a connection with the present and see absolutely no point in attempting to have contact with the future.

It seems to me that far too many people try to live in the future, planning for this and hoping for that. You know where you are with the past. I know there's a contradiction in all this, for instance, I often look forward to spending a morning in the Local History Department at Watchester Library but I don't get obsessed with it."

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