the quizz

perfect bliss?
under the duvet with .......

greatest fear?
no duvet.

historical figure?
Rampling Dan Dither.

deplore in one self?
forgetting to shake the duvet cover.

deplore in others?

What vehicles do you own?

Unappealing habits?
navel gazing on the beach.

favourite word?
wicked, bad, cool, man.

don't get to read.

favourite radio station?

Anything by the Trashcans.

jam roly poly pudding.

my shoulder bag.

Les Enfants des Couscous.

greatest love?

What has life taught you?
men like me.

How would you like to die?
very old, at least 45.

Are you religious?

Lizzie Lizzie Kallinthrop:

monster, megalomaniac,
misanthrope or misunderstood?

Described by John Peel, in 1975, as a "punks answer to an angry Wurzle Gumage" Lizzie Kallinthrop was lead singer and guitarist in the punk band "Wunderkind Sackcloth". The obscenity of the band's lyrics (see below) were balanced by the inarticulate guttural delivery of Lizzie, who in those days was known as Zi or Cider to those who knew her.

By early 1976 the band was banned by the BBC and a question had been asked in the House of Commons by local MP, Rear Admiral Sir Gordon Piles (this the band considered to be their greatest piece of agiprop as the MP had only ever asked one other question in the House and that had been on the movement of pigs when the Swine Order 1965, Movement of Swine Restrictions was in force).

The band disbanded in 1976 when drummer Jim Gott was discovered to be having composition lessons.

Below are the lyrics of 'RSE' from 1975:

Red Seven Eleven

get up
get up get up,
You ***** get up
we're coming
we're ******* here
get up up up

brah brah brah brah
yea watch it you
we're here
your dead yea
get up
get up get up.

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