the quizz
perfect bliss?
A quiet evening
in the Crown & Thorns.

greatest fear?
Mice in my bed.

historical figure?
I used to like
the old scout master.

deplore in one self?
My timidity.

deplore in others?

What vehicles do you own?
My old bike.

Unappealing habits?
I couldn't say.

favourite word? Oh!

book? Any Biggles.

Song? Hey Jude.

Jam roly poly pudding.

Les Enfants des Paraquat.

greatest love? Oh!.

What has life taught you?
Be careful.

How would you like to die? Oh!.

Are you religious? 'Spose so.

Little Nance
or Nancy

  thirteen things that you should know about Nance:

  Gets embarrassed at the mention of religion, sex and anything personal.
  Has an undefined gender problem.
  Is easily reduced to tears by the likes of the Snorter.
  Has to rush to the toilet frequently, especially after 10pm in the Crown & Thorns.
  Is afraid of dying.
  Is the fund raiser for RAGBAG.
  Is always obliging.
  Wanted to join the Feet Air Arm but was turned down.
  Nance's spare time is spent working for the Wymsey Navigation Society.
  Was born at Martingdale Cottage Hospital the year before it became a golf club.
  Likes to suck winter mixtures
  And wears woollen socks.

Nance Writes: "That nice man at the Contortium said that I could write something about myself for the Village web site and that he would type it for me. I can't type. I like living in Wymsey, going to the Crown & Thorns and riding on the Wednesday bus. My friends are Gordon, John and the Rev, the Snorter is not very nice to me and I get upset.

I don't have a job but like working on the Navigation. Things I don't like: hunting, fishing, dirty talk, black shoes and injections."

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