The Populace of Wymsey

The people of Wymsey are renowned in the district for particular qualities that have been hard to define, so we leave it up to you to meet us and make up your own minds. Just click on a person's picture to visit them.

The Quizz: Many visitors to Wymsey have mentioned in passing that most of the population remain enigmas and could the Contortium do something about it. So we put our collective heads together, which from above looked like that old advert for the Apple iMac, and came up with The Quizz. We just hope that this answers your needs because we don't know what else can be done. Just go to your person of interest below.

In line with our policy of personal empowerment the Contortium has invited villagers to give voice to whatever preoccupations they may have.

The Main Players


GordondeStompe The Nam, Gordon deStompe. Little Nance or Nacey Little Nance or Nancey.
Small holder and pig breeder.The Snorter, Leslie Smith. John Applegate John Applegate, local history man.
The Rev. The Rev, Vicar of Wymsey. Charlie Stebbings Charlie Stebbings, ace reporter and farmer.

Bit Players

Sam Toogood Sam Toogood, ale brewster. Torquay Torquay, ex-supermodel.
Sara O'Hara Sister Sara O'Hara Sigmond Freud, an influence.
Barking-Barking Major General Barking-Barking Julius Blaah Julius Blaah, ex-councillor & church warden.
Rampling Dan Dither Rampling Dan Dither, '70s icon. Jones Sergeant Peter Jones, Watchester DS.
Stains DC Michael Stains, Watchester DS. Prof. Field Professor Michael Field, head of EEU at UWAT.
Lizzie K Lizzie Kallinthrop, ex-punk rocker. Ernest Stuffe, guru Ernest Stuffe, rural guru.
The Nails Ethel M & Bertram B Nails Dr Ben Becula Dr Ben Becula
Lenin, V Lenin, another influence. Clara, ex-layer. Clara, the Alcoholic Chicken.
big brown dot Other village people. big brown dot Wymsey Surnames, a service to genealogy.
Sister Sara O'Hara's mopedSister Sara O'Hara's Moped The Wednesday bus The Wednesday Bus

NOTE: The people of Wymsey are uniquely placed to be imitated by others, so beware of copies.
Any resemblance herein encountered indicates imitation.

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