the quizz

perfect bliss?
Winter Brew, Winter Mixture and friends.

greatest fear?

historical figure?
Charlie Chaplin.

deplore in one self?

deplore in others?
It's not for me to say.

What vehicles do you own?

Unappealing habits?
Dear boy!

favourite word?

The Gardeners Yearbook, 1945.

Jam roly poly pudding.

The back of the churchyard gate..

Les Enfants des Parish.

What has life taught you?
It's ok.

How would you like to die?

Are you religious?

The Rev.

Vicar of St. Duvet & All Angels, Wymsey Parish in the diocese of Watchester

The Rev is man full of doubts and allergies which he assiduously avoids involving other people with, in many ways the Rev avoids involving anyone with anything.

He came to St Duvet & All Angels, Wymsey in 1977 after a very short curacy in the parish of Soho, London.
The church had long been the family trade and the Rev never had a chance. He studied divinity and Jungian symbolism at Cambridge and was ordained in 1976.

The Rev is not sporty but likes to spend mellow evenings in the Crown & Thorns, quietly sucking cough lozenges in between sips of Winter Brew.

The Rev is a keen radio amateur and like to make his own radios from bits and bobs picked up at bring and buy stalls in the village hall.

The Rev Writes: "My elder brother Morstock is a mystery to me, currently Anglican Bishop of Tehran he came back to England for the Millennium. He said that it was a time to be with his family - that's me. The only good thing for me about his visit is his love of preaching sermons and on his arrival I gave him the keys to the church but I was glad to see him go - always was hyperactive.

Have you noticed how people will never leave you alone once they know you are a vicar? Probably not. Still I do detect an improvement as the older generation go to meet their Maker, at this rate I will be out of a job in 2010 which is when I'm due to retire."

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