the quizz

perfect bliss?
Sure now, that's pretty private.

greatest fear? mice.

historical figure?
Joan of Arc & Mary of course.

deplore in one self?
my hormones.

deplore in others?
their hormones.

What vehicles do you own? Moped - stolen.

Unappealing habits? Men.

favourite word? sure.

The Nursing Yearbook, 1975.

favourite radio station?

Anything by Christy Moore.

jam roly poly pudding.

My moped - bring it back you little sods..

Les Enfants des Plasir.

greatest love? ha!.

What has life taught you? men like me.

How would you like to die?
as a private patient.

Are you religious?
Only across the water.

Sara Sister Sara O'Hara

Thrice married Sister Sara O'Hara, 38, came to Wymsey from County Cork in 1988, the youngest of three sisters. The eldest, Traleen, left home in disgrace at the age of eighteen and made some sort of career in California and was last heard of in Key West. The middle sister, Bernadette, was lost to the nuns.

Sister Sara's father was one of the Cork O'Haras, famed travelling harp makers. Her mother, Betsey, had been a chorus girl at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre until the publication of her first romantic novel "The Pale Lover from Beyond" in 1955.

During the National Health Reorganisations of the 1980s moped Wymsey was somehow passed by so the village still has Sister Sara but she only has her ancient moped. There again, there is something mythic about the sight of Sister Sara, long red tresses blowing in the slip stream, as she freewheels down Church Lane of a summer's evening.

Sara O'Hara writes: Goodness know who writes this stuff but they must have their brains in a bucket. It's over a year now since my moped was stolen and I'm still livid. If I ever find out who stole it I'll put them through the mincer. My employers blame me and won't replace it - you'd think the pub car park would be as a safe place to park a bike.

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