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Denial of our vagueness is one of the major inhibitors of self worth. When we deny, and attempt to conceal, our ability to be vague we are apt to produce ineffective vagueness, this, in turn, undermines our trust in being vague which inevitably leads to feelings of low self worth and confusion. Our confusion leads to anxiety which results in more ineffective vagueness and so the downwards spiral continues.

In these days of emphasis on logicality, rational emotions, cause and effect and avoidance of non-specific disease it is hard for a free floating man, or woman, to feel at home in the world.

Ernest expects to bring his manifest skills and experience to the aid of the true seeker and will offer himself as an inspiration to all who wish to re-own and nurture their natural ability to empower themselves. The seminar, which based on his acclaimed two step programme " This is it - Now do it "TM will bring participants to a level of vagueness beyond their wildest dreams.

The seminar, which may be residential, will take place at the Ether Temple, Portsmouth from Friday to Tuesday. Cost, including lunch, 350.
To ensure a place at the seminar send your deposit (cheques should be made out) to the Ernest Stuffe Institute, Wymsey Manor Hall, Wymsey, SX73 9DX or email you credit card to: stuffe@stuffe.org

Further dates for your diary:

In order to participate in the following seminars we strongly suggest that you first attend the above seminar which is an obligatory precursor to the seminars below.


New Year Special: Y2K10? ,the first decade, how was it for you? Ernest will explore the Post Millennial Effect and it's after effects using a mixture of online oraculism and circle dancing. Participants should dress comfortably and avoid carrying sharp objects.

February: VAGUELY MULTI-CULTURAL, is it just a wider choice of food? A possible exploration of society in the 21st century in which Ernest will draw wildly upon his global experiences.

April: VAGUE DREAMING, the nocturnal aspect. Dreams have fascinated mankind since the dawn of awareness if not earlier. Much of our dream recollection is vague which is how it should be but for some unfortunate people dreaming is a nightmare in which total recall is the norm. In this weekend seminar Ernest will probably suggest ways that participants can reduce or totally eliminate dream recall and thus rest in peace.

May: SPRING & VAGUE YEARNINGS, a time for rampant reflection and dabbling. With his unique integration of techniques developed in ancient China, Los Almos and the Nile Basin Ernest will enable participants to explore vernal feelings.

June: VAGUE SYSTEMS, new business methods for the Millennium. Is your company web site ready to be seen on a microwave oven, how many 11 year old millionaires should you employ? Ernest's renowned Vague Brainstorm Technique© will be brought to bear on these and other pertinent questions.

July: THE STATE OF VAGUENESS, what is going on in the body politic. Who runs what? Do they really? Just two essential questions that Ernest will pose in this weekend retreat for those active or semi-active in politics of all hues. Please note: It is a requirement that participants leave their mobile telephones at home.

August: VAGUE PLEASURES. Summer Camp, workshops for the family. Get your family into the daylight and open air. Use this week to see what's there, what's missing and where you would like them to be in five years time.

November: The VAGUE SCORPIO, for those special people. Ernest, himself a Scorpio, will explore the special qualities that pervade the Scorpio personality making him, and her, excellent practitioners of Vagueness Theory.

December: OLD YEAR VAGUE ENDING, as the old year dies, a time to reflect on past events, of summations and conclusions? Just another 12 months got through or the best year yet? Ernest has shown that attitude counts but so does your computer. In this year end workshop participants will explore ways of letting go of last year's attitudes and ways of avoiding developing new ones in the next twelve months.

December: MILLENNIUM PLUS SOME - ANOTHER BEGINNING 2011, with the old millennium dead, a time to look ahead, around and abreast, of dreams and dust. On and on it goes, year after year, and the existential implications of time passing have irreversible effects upon our lives. Or do they? Ernest will take participants to the mountain top of their lives before bringing them down into the meadowed valley of now and onto the footpath leading into the new year.

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