the quizz
perfect bliss?
A day off.

greatest fear?
Me? Nothing.

historical figure?
That Tom Jones.

deplore in one self?
Get outa here.

deplore in others?
Where do I start..

What vehicles do you own?
Just the Fergie and the Land Rover.

Unappealing habits?
Get off will ya.

favourite word?

Little Brown Book of Bantams.

favourite radio station?

Anything by Tom Jones or Jim Reeves.

Jam roly poly pudding.

Swiss army knife.

Carry on Farming.

What has life taught you?
No need for schooling.

How would you like to die?

"the snorter"

The Snorter works a three acre small holding at Wymsey Bottom where he breeds pigs and longhorn bantams, he is usually involved in dubious dealings with equally dubious out of county characters. Like The Nam he has no great liking for the Copper.

The Snorter is not a very nice person and is an arch cynic which is as much the reason for his nickname as the fact that he breeds pigs. He is frequently to be found snorting away in the public bar of the Crown & Thorns where he takes particular delight in upsetting Little Nance (or Nancy). He is tolerated by everyone else in the bar because he is a fixture.

Favourite sayings: "rubbish!" "bloody hell"

The Snorter Writes: "Do you what gets me going? It's all those damn politicians sounding off about everything. Take the Parish Council, they've got a view on any damn thing you cares to mention. What good do they do? We'd be a damn sight better off without the lot of them. They sends people round to look at yer small holding 'cos someone complains about your yard and they gives you a month to sort it out. Is this what my old dad fought the War for? Good thing he's dead. Now me old woman is stirring up the mire saying that I'm a lazy good for nothing and that I don't wash. I blames that evening class she went to last winter. "The Position of Women in the English Village" it was called, some lefty liberal feminist woman making trouble is what I calls it."

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