the quizz

perfect bliss?
having one's friends around one's log fire and a howling gale outside

greatest fear?

historical figure?
Mata Hari.

deplore in one self?
the use of one.

deplore in others?
the use of we.

What vehicles do you own?
Red custom Mini-Cooper, trail bike, roller blades & and the dear old Land Rover.

Unappealing habits?
One isn't aware of any.

favourite word?

the Unbelievable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.

favourite radio station?

Anything by Sandy Shaw.

jam roly poly pudding.

a lovely piece of coral one brought back from one's first shoot in Belieze.

Les Enfants des Parodies.

greatest love?

What has life taught you?
men like me.

How would you like to die?
how tacky.

Are you religious?
One is one with the One.


In 1989 Julia St. Carlton Es Pernier retired from her career as supermodel Torquay and came to live in Wymsey after the outrageous affair of the blindfolded Member of Parliament in Berkeley Square. Since then Julia has lost the lost waif look that shot her from dopey deb to seriously sellable supermodel Torquay in the Spring of 1985. Who, who saw it, can forget that April spread In Rouge Magazine. Julia says, "The first thing one did after one moved into Rosebush Cottage was to put on ten pounds, then one gave up the pills and promised ones self that one would learn to eat like most people." "Not that one could ever been mistaken for most people", she quipped to our researcher, Charlie Stebbings, who was finding it hard to focus on the task in hand.

When asked about the Berkeley Square Affair Julia remarked that she found it very hard to talk about, "mainly because that is a period of ones life for which one have virtually no recall, mainly due to the pills and other stuff one has to do these days in order to be a supermodel.

Julia has been busy writing her autobiography, "Torquay and Back" with help of Sunday Telegraph gossip columnist Michael Penninton-Brake. "One couldn't have done it without Michael, he is so wonderfully patient and incredibly intuitive. He's just knows what one wants to say."

Torquay and Back by Julia St. Carlton Es Pernier will be published on March 20th by Wirborg, Stanton, Fallow & Wollup price 18.99. Miss St. Carlton Es Pernier will be signing copies of her book at Harrods Book Shelf at 10.30am on Thursday, April 1st.

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