the quizz
Perfect bliss?
Watching lambs gamboling.

Greatest fear?
Not saving tofu.

Historical figure?

Deplore in ones' selves?
So much.

Deplore in others?

What vehicles do you own? Bicycles.

Unappealing habits? Worrying.

Favourite word? Save.

The Protesters Handbook.

Favourite radio station?
No time to listen.

We Shall Overcome.

Jam roly poly pudding.

Object? Pen.

The Jungle Book.

Greatest love? Animals.

What has life taught you?
The human race is mad.

How would you like to die?

Are you religious? Yes.

The Nails on a mission in Watchester Market the Nails, Wymsey's Veggie Campaigners

Ethel M. & Bertram B. Nails moved to Wymsey in 1997 from Basingstoke, in Hampshire, where for over twenty years they campaigned vigorously and pointlessly against the spread of roundabouts in that town. Bertram B. is employed in the retail trade in Watchester whilst his wife works part time for a vegetable coop in Martingdale.

Since becoming vegetarians in 1998 the Nails have been putting their oars into most areas of village business. Currently they are busy campaigning against the tofu hunt and Glasgow Dingoes. Their crowning achievement to date has been the establishment of a sheep orphanage at Wymsey Bottom Farm

Ethel M. writes:"If you come across a problem take a look behind it - that's my motto - where you will find a man. That's true in this village and I bet it's true in your's. In my battles to protect the animal kingdom I always find that I'm fighting men. They are a pain. My dealings with animals and vegetables have been entirely different.

Take the issue of tofu hunting - tofu has never been a problem for me although Bertram tends to get bilious but that could be his age - the leader of the local hunt, Major General Barking - Barking, makes a hobby out of heaping abuse on me and he's a man."

Bertram B. writes:"I wholeheartedly endorse everything my dear wife says, we men are indeed a dastardly sex. I find that agreeing with Ethel is always the best policy, that and wearing rubber gloves when I do the dishes."

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