Wymsey Surnames

We get many visitors from overseas who are researching the origin of their families and they often wonder if they come from Wymsey. Perhaps your family did - to help you in your search the Wymsey Management Contortium has constructed the following directory of Wymsey surnames. Click on a letter below to check out your surname.

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Agrilarta, Angelfoot, Angleplate, Ankling, Apogee, Apogel, Applefoot, Applegate, Applegrub, Appletub, Appleworm, Appleworthy, Abelwighte, Apex, Astorum,


Bagrilarta, Bagsworthy, Bagwashout, Barking-Barking,Bearworthy, Bee, Beedmaker, Beestorm, Beetle, Bell, Bickle, Biggs, Biggles, Blaah, Bleak, Bleedmaker, Bluff, Bones, Braddle, Brightling, Brightstone, Bug, Bugchew, Bugsteer, Bullfinch, Bullflinch, Bullfletch, Bullfotch, Bukle, Butter, Buzzard,


Cagrilarta, Carter, Cartell, Cartler, Cartzumble, Chaste, Cheester, Cherub, Chints, Chomple, Chomsky, Chumpley, Chunook, Cickle, Clayton, Composte, Cornstook, Cowtail, Credworthy, Criworthy, Crustie, Cub


Dagrilarta, Dance, Dank, Danklespot, Darkworthy, D'Earth, Deforce, De Mandible, deStompe, Dimple, Dimman, Dinker, Dirt, Dither, Dome, Donker, Dural


Fagrilarta, Fam, Fearson, Field, Flame, Fickle, Fickling, Flim, Flimsey, Footsworthy, Frackworthy, Frame,Fuming


Gaff, Gaffel, Gaffling, Gagrilarta, Gander, Gauntlet, Giffel, Giffling, Girdle, Glueman, Gnomealarta, Goater, Goodfellow, Goring, Graceworthy, Grandling, Gravie, Greeze, Grindley, Gringle


Hackworthy, Hagrilarta, Heartache, Heavenly, Hecklesworth, Hekkingstien, Hellrose, Hickle, Hiprose, Hogson, Hollings, Home, Homebutter, Homely, Homeworthy, Homez, Hose, Hutter


Igrilarta, Igrim, Igryme, Inkpen, Inklenock, Irison, Irkle, Irkler, Irksdon, Irkson


Jackworthy, Jagsarta, Jakes, Jakis, Jakos, Jakum, Jeffries, Jerribaum, Jiffie, Jones, Julien,


Kags, Kakepud, Kallinthrop, Kiddiminster, Killworthy, Kismaster, Kos, Kosenger, Kosta, Koster, Kranzig, Kubran


Lacks, Ladsic, Laffim, Lagalarta, Laggins, Laggit, Lamport, Lard, Lenin, Lickle, Limped, Loam, Losst, Lupin, Lumpkin, Lurkin, Lustre, Lustworthy, Lux,


Magalarta, Maggits, Makely, Makems, Mallic, McFineburger, Mercy, Mickle, Milddleweed, Milkmaid, Mudimp, Muds, Mudworthy, Murdo


Nabber, Naccedr, Nadder, Nagalarta, Nagsworthy, Nails, Needle, Needy, Nerdweed, Nickle, Noddle, Noodling, Nurkinton


Parks, Parslow, Parsnoos, Peeper, Percy, Perks, Pickle, Picklin, Pimpleton, Pintworthy, Plinth, Ouggins, Plumlin, Poodling, Pruddle, Puddle


Rabbit, Ragalarta, Ragworts, Ragworthy, Ramper, Retentif, Rice-Davies, Ripple, Romper, Rottle, Rumper, Rumpster, Rumpy, Rumpz


Sadgite, Sagalarta, Saggit, Saggins, Sampson, Scorgg, Scroggins, Scrogworton, Scrogworty, Scrogwurt, Sentile, Slaversnake, Smith, Snikes, Snodging, Sortpiece, Southworthy, Spalding, Spooner, Sprongstien, Spruceling, Spice, Stains, Starche, Starling, Stashe, Stebbings, Stemsell, Strepsoil, Stripple, Stooke, Stuffe, Stuffy, St Carlton Es Pernier, Swain, Swinedad, Syckle


Tagalarta, Teckton, Thames, Thomas, Tickle, Timberyard, Toogood, Toridson, Torridit, Transom, Treeman, Twain, Tween, Twunkbattle, Twunkworthy,


Vagarta, Vatman, Vaugent, Vent, Ventile, Vetkins, Vimtoe, Vostum, Vuumly


Waggit, Ward, Wardling, Wardlum, Wedling, Weeder, Weedlink, Westworthy, Willing, Woodcage, Wormcage, Worthy

Please note that the presence of a name here does not imply that it originated in the area but is representitive of those living in Wymsey today. If you would like to take one of these surnames feel free.

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