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the weekend editorial:

being a vegetarian does not mean standing still!
by the New Management

Being a vegetarian is not easy wherever you are and, geographically, Wymsey is no exception. The State Pork Council is rightfully celebrated for its championing of the Wymsey Odd Spot, a pig not to be toyed with! Production is organic, free range and in the hands of small holder writ large Les Smith. More or less affectionately known as the Snorter, Les Smith has been producing organic bacon unconsciously for many years (I think he means without awareness: Ed) (No I don't, matey!). Many a marriage has been saved by a Sunday morning Odd Spot bacon sandwich served to the lady wife in bed with a cup of Wymsey Windmill Weekend No. 5, the coffee that can get a slug going!

Be that as it may, there are many veggies who point out, with some justification, that we are what we eat ( god, how that stupid cliche annoys me, you too I expect). ( Do you sometimes hate being a liberal? I know I do.) As the good Les Smith put it the other night in the Thorns, 'If I was what I ate matey, I'd be blooming horrid and no mistake.' Friends of the Countryman of the Year (2001) will know how unthinkable that is!

The problem is that we love our veg, potatoes, carrots, leeks, turnip, beetroot, swede, parsnip, sprouts, peas, beans, the blooming lot of them however gaseous, we love 'em! What we are not so sure of is campaigning vegetarians, how about you? Are you more meat than two veg? Are you a carrot short of bliss? What ever you are, remember it's all about food, I say, food, food, food, food! Let the Weekend know!

© 2006 Charles Ivermee

Next weekend: are we controlled by what we eat?

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