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WymFest 2000 was a particularly especial occasion for the village being the last of the millennium, not without it's problems but it is agreed on all sides (excepting Julius Blaah) that this year's Festival was the best yet.

As 2001 marks the start of the new millennium and the Festival will be the first under Wymsey's new status as a micro-state the State Council have announced that the event is to be called WymFest Expo 2001.

For those of you who missed WymFest 2000 the links below will give you a taste of what Wymsey can do when it' decides to have a good time.

Toilet Trouble Tomatoshoe comes in for some stick.

Reactions how it went down.

The Chronicle Report from Wymsey's newspaper.

Keep an eye on the Wymsey Chronicle for news of WymFest Expo 2001.

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